ITAA TravelWrap with Eoghan Corry for June

Dominic Burke of Travel Centres discusses the comeback of outbound travel in conversation with Eoghan Corry for the ITAA TravelWrap.

When discussing the uptake for travel packages again Dominic stresses that “The only thing that will change it is compelling, anecdotal feedback from people, the early adopters who do elect to travel out early and report back to friends, relatives and colleagues”.

All interviewees stress the importance for agents to keep in touch with suppliers and airlines. Some agents are frustrated with the lack of clarity. Dominic is kindly requesting that the airlines and all suppliers provide some degree of certainty and clarity to the agents who are doing a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of keeping the public at large informed as to what is and isn’t happening.

Eoghan asks if it is time for the travel agent to introduce service fees and start charging for those services that they are currently offering free of charge. “We have had agents who were initially refused cover under the travel disruption cover who have pursued it and have gotten some traction.”

Clare Dunne of Travel Brokers and Andrew Lynch of Travel Advisors also present their views on the industry and the issues that it faces.

Watch the full TravelWrap here 

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