TravelBizTV Talks with the Trade – Travel Centres Interview

We caught up with Shane from to talk all things travel and discuss the ways that we are keeping our spirits up here at Travel Centres.

As somebody who is familiar with remote working and the joys of working from home Shane asks Dominic if he has any tips for the trade.  “I think its important to impose a discipline on yourself so I tend to keep business hours…No distractions, I don’t listen to radio”.

“It’s like anything else, when you do something often enough it becomes the new habit so all I would say to people is stick with it, it becomes the new normal after awhile”.


Discussing the current situation for travel agents Dominic remarks that “You could have the best, most capitalised bank in the world but if all of the depositors looks for their money back at the same time that bank is going to go bust. Essentially the same thing has happened in the travel industry and it happened on a global scale. I just wish the government would deliberate and come out with some kind of statement to offer some kind of breathing space to the consumer”.

Shane comments that Dominic is a great man for keeping the spirits up and rallying the troops. He asks if Dominic is doing anything online to communicate with travel centres members.

“We launched our virtual town hall meetings. It is important to feel that you are not alone at this time and to know that their are people facing similar problems and challenges”. It is a great platform for sharing news, getting updates, getting advice, discussing problems, looking for solutions and collectively trying to be cheerleaders for eachother to keep our spirits up.”

Watch the full recording of our interview with Shane from TravelBiz here

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